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Windows 10 on all of the University's PCs.

In the second quarter, IT will gradually replace Windows 7 with Windows 10 on all of the University's PCs.

There are several reasons for the change, the key reasons are:

  • Security updates for Windows 7 will cease in the long term
  • With Windows 10 computers will boot faster
  • With Windows 10 logon is faster
  • Integrated support for Microsoft's cloud services
  • Newer software is developed primarily for Windows 10

Several of your settings, such as Internet Explorer bookmarks, will follow automatically from Windows 7. For this to work, a software will be installed on your Windows 7 computer, and this icon will appear at the bottom right of your desktop.


Office 2016

In conjunction with Windows 10, you will also get Office 2016 instead of Office in 2010. Office 2016 is integrated with Microsoft's cloud services, allowing, among other things, simultaneous editing of documents, as well as working in groups with other colleagues.

More detailed information will be provided later at department meetings, intranet and via email.

Published by: Douglas Öhrbom Page responsible: Anders Munck Updated: 2016-02-27
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