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Ebook to spread knowledge about research ethics


”Research ethics – 10 questions and answers” a new book on research ethics


How should research be conducted so that one does not harm those that participate?

What knowledge is worth doing research on? What is the price of doing without research??

“The ebook is a good introduction to the subject of ethics for all students,” says the initiator, Mats Brenner, ICT educator at the University of Gävle. The writer and editor is Anja Castensson,

The factual material has been examined by Stefan Eriksson, docent in research ethics, Uppsala University and editor of the website Codex.

In the book you can read about the events, approach and guidelines that have formed and continue to influence current research ethics. It focuses in particular upon the ethical dilemmas that arise when one does research on people or personal data. The ebook also addresses the issue of research on animals and how research results should be published.

The text was originally published in 2013 on the website forskning.se in cooperation with Collaboration for Web-based Higher Education (SNH), and the release of the ebook, which has a length of 30 pages, has been funded by SNH.

“We did not think that there was anything written on research ethics that was easy to access for the student. The ambition was to create an accessible ebook that could be read in various digital formats: computers, e-readers and smart phones. In every chapter there is also in-depth material in the form of web links and TV programmes from the Swedish Educational Broadcasting Company (UR). We are thinking about developing the ebook, for example incorporating a quiz/ individual evaluation test,” says Mats Brenner.

Mats has advertised the ebook at most of the student unions in the country and received a very positive response.

“At the University of Gävle we have had other projects in collaboration with the website forskning.se in order to popularise knowledge. This is a natural continuation. Research ethics is always an ongoing subject for those of us within institutions of higher education and an understanding of ethics helps us to be more constructive about issues on sustainable development.

The book (in Swedish) can be downloaded on this site: http://www.opensnh.se/items/show/134. It can also be found via LIBRIS.

The book is provided in the .epub filfe format and requires a compatible reading application. In order to read the book on a computer you need to have, for example, Adobe Digital Editions. If you want to read the book on an ebook reader, tablet or smart phone you need a reading app like, for example, Bluefire Reader that you can download through

Google Play or the App Store.


For further information, please contact:
Mats Brenner, ICT educator
Tel: 026-64 82 18, 070-350 02 33
Email: mats.brenner@hig.se

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