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Half of the winners in Venture Cup Östs’ phase Business Idea have a connexion to the University of Gävle.

Maritha Wallhagen

The winner in the category Environment and Energy is Marita Wallhagen, a researcher employed at the University of Gävle. One of the team members behind the idea that won in the Life Science & Technology is Pramod Kakkerla alumnus från HiG and at present a student at the Royal Institute of Technology.


In a press release today from the Venture Cup it appears that the competition was tough when the jury was going to choose which four new business ideas would be the winners in each of the four categories.

The Environment and Energy prize went to the Gävle researcher and architect Marita Wallhagen who is in the process of finishing her thesis, which just like her winning business idea 'Environmental Architecture', is about environmentally compatible architecture.

“As an architect I think that the movement towards a more sustainable building environment that is better for both people’s health and our environment, is going far too slowly. I think that there is strength in spreading knowledge. It leads to increased awareness and collaboration,” says Marita Wallhagen who is behind the idea 'Environmental Architecture'.

“This is an example of how those values that are created in my research work can be used to encourage more environmentally compatible building, and contribute to a more sustainable society.”

The Life Science & Technology prize went to 'Mirrorfi' with the participants Pramod Kakkerala, Yash Todar, Mikko Honkanen, Clement Hamon & Mohit Yadav. The team has links to both the Royal Institute of Technology and the University of Gävle.

The winning idea in the category Life science & Technology is called 'Mirrorfi' and is based on technology that could completely change the experience of shopping. Instead of just being able to see what a garment looks like when you are standing in a claustrophobic changing room, by clicking on a specially adapted mirror in the changing cubicle you get a 3D experience of yourself wearing the garment in a number of different places.


Venture Cup & the phase Business Idea is Sweden’s largest competition for those looking to develop their business idea to a successful business plan and start a business. The competition has been running since 1998 with the aim of creating economic growth in Sweden.

Published by: Douglas Öhrbom Page responsible: Anders Munck Updated: 2016-04-13
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