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University of Gävle intensifies its strategic collaboration with Gävle Energi AB

University of Gävle

Gävle Energi AB and the University of Gävle sign a strategic cooperation agreement worth SEK 10.5 million with the emphasis on research and innovation on the 13th of April, thereby addressing the joint challenges of the future within the fields of energy systems and environmental technology.


The University of Gävle and Gävle Energi AB have collaborated within research and education in a variety of ways since 1998. The new agreement which extends to 2020 is worth SEK 10.5 million.

“We will expand our efforts regarding education, research and innovation in order to, amongst other things, support future needs for increased competence at both Gävle Energi AB and the University of Gävle, as well as in the county where the areas of energy and the environment are motors for growth,” says the university’s vice-chancellor Maj-Britt Johansson.

Energy systems and environmental technology

Gävle Energi and the University of Gävle are both investing in energy systems and environmental technology to produce sustainable technical solutions and new business models that can lead to, for example, climate neutrality in combination with strong economic development for our region.

This will be accomplished by education and collaboration on research projects.

“By collaboration within the region between the university and the business world regarding research and innovation, with the focus on the fields of energy and environment, we create an attractive area and growth,” says Håkan Jönsson, CEO Gävle Energi AB .


For further information, please contact:
Håkan Jönsson, CEO Gävle Energi, 026-17 85 75

Bahram Moshfegh, deputy vice-chancellor for research at the University of Gävle, 026-64 88 04, 070-846 46 47


Text: Douglas Öhrbom 

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