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The University of Gävle receives degree-awarding powers for the Master Programme in Educational Sciences

The Swedish Higher Education Authority gives the University of Gävle permission to grant Master’s degrees in the field of Educational Sciences. This means that a new two-year master’s programme at an advanced level with a specialisation in educational sciences can start this autumn, 2017.

“The University of Gävle has had a lot of experience within the field of educational sciences, lecturers and researchers are highly qualified, have wide-ranging networks and significant research projects, something which is of vital importance if the University of Gävle was to be considered at all for receiving degree-awarding powers,” says Svante Brunåker, Faculty manager for the Faculty of Education and Business Studies at the University of Gävle..

Suitable for practising teachers

The Master’s programme in Educational Sciences has, apart from being a qualification for studies in research, a specialisation in the development of organisation in pre-school and schools. The programme is therefore particularly suitable for practising teachers within the field of education so they may increase their knowledge and obtain additional strategies for the development of the organisation, at the same time acquiring a good base for future research.

“The focus of the master’s programme comes at the right time given the challenges that that the educational system have in front of them,” Göran Fransson thinks, who has been the leader of the project. “The master’s programme can encourage all the competent teachers, pre-school teachers and head teachers that are already working today on raising the quality and developing their organisations, but who want to increase their knowledge even further.”

“The announcement from the Swedish Higher Education Authority is very gratifying and the master’s programme represents an important part of the third research profile at the University of Gävle,” remarks Svant Brunåker.

Educational science

Educational science is a multidisciplinary field and is of crucial importance for the educational sector. Issues in the field such as how education and learning, their organisation, processes and results take form are dealt with and how they can be understood in different teaching and learning situations.

The core of educational sciences concerns all the subjects and disciplines of public and private educational systems and teacher training – didactics, pedagogies and subject didactics.

For further information, please contact:
Göran Fransson, docent in pedagogy, lecturer in didactics, project leader, 070-321 29 09
Svante Brunåker, manager of the Faculty of Education and Business, 070-655 88 83

Published by: Douglas Öhrbom Page responsible: Anders Munck Updated: 2016-06-02
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