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My is commended for her environmental work

At a ceremony at the University of Gävle today on Thursday the 19th of May My Holgersson will be receiving the "Miljö stipendium"(The Environmental Scholarship) granted by the Gästrike Region Foundation worth SEK 15,000.

What have you done My Holgersson?

“I have investigated the interest for the optical sorting of household waste in Swedish municipalities.

It concerns using bags of different colours for different types of waste. Where one can, for example, sort both glass and aluminium cans. The bags are sorted automatically using optical identification.

The choice at present is between optical identification and using a four-box sorting method. Optical sorting is a much cheaper method long term, you can use the same vehicles and it will be easy in the future to upgrade the cameras to be able to distinguish more colours.”

How do you regard the environmental elements of the courses at the University of Gävle?

“I studied a Co-op course, Environmental Technology with a specialization in water, recycling and energy. The best thing was that each course included projects where we had to tackle real problems in the businesses we were allocated. Everything is directly linked to the realities being faced by these businesses and I really appreciate that because I was thereby able to prepare myself very well.”

What does it mean receiving this scholarship?

“It’s great and really inspiring. I feel that the education I received was really useful and is one that is very sought after on the job market.”

What do you do today?

“I work as an administrator within the areas of quality and the environment in the defence forces. I shall continue to add to my knowledge there, and later do some environmental work abroad.”

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The scholarship will be awarded today, the 19th of May at 1.00 pm in room 11:517

Johan Englund, Head of Marketing and Communication at Gästrike Återvinnare will present the scholarship.

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The research foundation "Gästrikeregions Miljö" (The Environment of the Gästrike Region)

Together with Gästrike Återvinnare (Gästrike Recycling) and SUEZ, the University of Gävle has formed the research foundation Gästrikeregionens Miljö (The Environment of the Gästrike Region).

The foundation establishes supports and stimulates multidisciplinary research and development projects. It is focused on, for example, methods and technology for the treatment of waste, consumer behaviour and information etc.

The foundation "Gästrikeregions Miljö" wants to draw attention to a student who with her thesis contributes to the foundation’s area of interest and sustainable development.  

For further information, please contact:
Kaisu Sammalisto, deputy vice-chancellor for sustainable development
Tel: 026-64 87 94, 070-608 13 33
Email: kaisu.sammalisto@hig.se

Text: Douglas Öhrbom

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