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September visit by world-renowned professor in teacher education

Studenter Högskolan i Gävle

“Don’t miss this opportunity to listen to Professor Cheryl Craig from Texas, she is an award-winning researcher and an outstanding lecturer,” says Anneli Frelin, senior lecturer in didactics at the University of Gävle.

“Cheryl Craig is known, above all, for her research into the day-to-day life of teachers. She has made lengthy studies in different school districts in Canada and the USA. The studies concern the motivations behind both entering and leaving the teaching profession,” states Anneli Frelin.

How does one create good teacher education?

Professor Craig’s latest project concerns the creation of satisfactory teacher education. She has collected contributions from fifty-five different countries in three volumes. These global examples show how satisfactory teacher education can be created and this will be the focus of her lecture.

 “I would really like to encourage people to come and listen, partly to be able to look at their own courses from a wider perspective, and partly to see that one is part of something larger,” says Anneli Frelin.

“It is gratifying that many people from other faculties have registered and that shows that teacher education is a large and increasingly important concern for the whole University.”


Sheryl Lynn

On the 7th of September Professor Cheryl Craig, University of Houston, USA, will lecture on the topic: "Teacher Education: An International Perspective"

Professor Craig’s research concerns understanding life as a teacher. 


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Anneli Frelin, Senior Lecturer in didactics at the University of Gävle Tel: 026-64 81 43, 070-317 85 14 Email: anneli.frelin@hig.se

Text: Douglas Öhrbom

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