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Eight million SEK to research on sustainable business relationships

Aihie Osarenkhoe

A research team in business economics at University of Gävle in Sweden – under the leadership of professor Aihie Osarenkhoe – has been awarded eight million SEK from the Structural Fund Partnership (Region Gävleborg and the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth) for studies on sustainable business relationships, aiming at regional innovative business development.

Leveraging on the growth potential in the region

Sustainable business relationships entail business development that focuses on strategic networks, sustainable development, and risk management. The multidisciplinary character of business and economic disciplines is utilized in a joint research theme and context to create synergistic effects.

– We have since 2013 been striving to streamline the research profile of researchers in the department of business and economic studies, and this has resulted in the development of a research theme that we call: “Sustainable business relationships”, Aihie Osarenkhoe says.

– In this study, we will, in collaboration with the regional innovation centres and their partner companies, identify innovative environments endowed with growth potential, and thus contribute to regional business development.

A sustainable business practices

There is a need for a joint platform, where innovative ideas of academia and practice are exploited, developed, and spread to various parts of the region in order to contribute to innovative development and competitiveness.

A prioritized area in the project is to link ongoing research and development in sustainable business relationships to the needs of relevant stakeholders in the regional, thus promoting a sustainable business practices and entrepreneurship and reinforcing regional growth.

– We have observed a need for to create a cross-sectorial organization that supports and leads sustainable regional growth. Through this project, the cluster organizations and their partner companies enhance their knowledge and capability to:

  • Develop innovative business environments that are founded on openness, trust, and dialogue, and where the core competences of all parties are respected and put to use.
  • Facilitate awareness of the challenges of digitalization, and how to utilize the possibilities of digitalization by creating relationships with other companies.
  • Address the impediments to sustainable business development in high-tech innovative companies as they establish themselves in national as well as international markets.
  • Deal with the newly promulgated legislation within sustainability reporting, which have significant impact on business development.


For more information, please contact:
Aihie Osarenkhoe, professor of business economics, University of Gävle
Tel: +46 (26) 64 85 84, +46 (70) 191 45 26
E-mail: aihie.osarenkhoe@hig.se

Text: Douglas Öhrbom
Photo: Brunos Bildverkstad AB

Published by: Douglas Öhrbom Page responsible: Anders Munck Updated: 2016-12-21
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