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University of Gävle and Stora Enso Lead the Way

Co-op Högskolan i Gävle

We have a very good collaboration with Stora Enso within our technical programmes, says Magnus Lemoine, Coordinator for collaboration at University of Gävle.

Collaboration with Results

A number of the new employees recruited by Stora Enso have graduated from University of Gävle’s engineering programmes, so engineers from Gävle are important to the supply of skilled personnel at Stora Enso.

-It is a very long and close collaboration, not least through our project Technical Cooperation, which has yielded clear results. Study visits, guest lectures, projects and Co-op places within our technical programmes are good examples of that.

-We are responsive and open to collaborations to be able to offer programmes that are as attractive and up-to-date as possible.

Attractive Engineers

Our engineers are attractive on the job market and around 90 percent of those who graduate from our engineering programmes remain in our region.

-Technical competence within automation, computer engineering, maintenance technology, structural engineering and logistics is at the top of the wish list of many companies today. It is rewarding to see that our students get jobs and remain around here, Magnus Lemoine says.


Lars Ericson

-The Co-op concept is very good, we think, and the students who come to us say the same thing, says Leif Ericson, Manager strategic planning, Stora Enso.

University of Gävle supplies many engineers

Leif Ericson tells us that Stora Enso has welcomed many Co-op students for a number of years now and that has been a very good experience. Often it leads to permanent employment for the students.

Many employees come from University of Gävle, also from engineering programmes that do not have co-op, for instance from the Industrial engineering and management programme.

-We recruit quite a few from University of Gävle and right now we have several young engineers from there and I have to say that it works very well.

Stora Enso offers Co-op employments within four categories

  • Mechanics
  • Automation
  • Energy
  • Environmental engineering

-During the time periods spent at our company the students are employed and have a salary. Their programme takes four years instead of three because of these long periods spent working for us.

A close collaboration

Stora Enso has regular meetings with University of Gävle and has representatives on some program councils to be able to voice the needs of the industry.

-We have quite a few study visits when we receive students, and a cohort from those who study maintenance technology come every year. We give them a presentation of the company, a tour, and they get the opportunity to pose questions.

Vital competence

Stora Enso needs a large number of engineers, maintenance technicians and operators. It is vital competence but not so easy to recruit since the demand is high.

-We think our collaboration works very well—our contact with University of Gävle is good. The Co-op concept is very good, we think, and the students who come to us say the same thing, Leif Ericson says.


Helena Andersson

The breadth of the education attracted me, since I was unsure about where I wanted to go, Helena Andersson says. She is now a maintenance engineer at Stora Enso.

Stora Enso – a good place to work

She is now a maintenance engineer, responsible for everything from recovery boilers and district heating to larger repairs and investments.

-I am the putty between maintenance and operation. Stora Enso is a good place to work. You are given large responsibility and they have great confidence in you.

-I like it here; it’s great fun and technically interesting. I enjoy challenges and don’t want to sit around and just manage things.

Programme breadth attractive

Helena studied the Industrial engineering and management programme and graduated in 2013, and it was the breadth of the programme that attracted her.

-With this education you can really turn to any field you would like to, like industry, banking, consulting etc.

-When I started, I didn’t know where I wanted to go, but the breadth of the education makes it possible for you to choose your own niche in your working life.

Courses directly applicable to working life

The programme was very good, Helena thinks; she learnt how to be systematic and analytical. The courses were directly applicable to working life.

-Lean and leadership courses have been very useful—how to organise work in different ways and the view on human nature.

-The course on logistics is also fantastic—the fact that you learn how to analyse and improve current production.

Close connection to work places

In Helena’s opinion, the Industrial engineering and management programme is successfully connected to work places, as students are involved in projects at various companies.

-You work in projects in the industry and if you are not completely sure what you want to work with in the future, it can be a great advantage to see many different companies.

-Don’t be afraid to educate yourself in your hometown. You become employable. I want to emphasize that, Helena Andersson says.


Maria Björk

Maria Björk is a co-op student on the Mechanical engineering programmes and she is very happy with her choice.

Checked where the jobs were

Maria has checked the job market and there are good opportunities to find work in mechanical engineering. It suited her well, as she is interested in physics and mechanics.

She is a Co-op student, which means that students work in a company during a period of ten weeks every year. As a result, the programme is four years long instead of three.

Currently, she is at Stora Enso for her third working period, and she has implemented a Japanese philosophy, “5S,” in her work with the mechanics and technicians. It is about creating order based on five Japanese words all starting with a A.

- “5S” has been dealt with in several courses and it is rewarding to start working with something you have studied and notice a fast change.

Miles away from taking care of children

Her earlier working experience is from childcare, not from maintenance or construction. For her, it is important to have something to relate to already during her education.

-If you have had a tough study period, it is a relief to get out on a working period to experience something else for a while.

About Stora Enso

-I think it is a great workplace where it feels as if everyone cares about each other.

She appreciates the fact that it is a large workplace where there is opportunity to vary your work.

-I think I am in the right place and I can see myself working here after having completed my studies.

About the programme

Maria chose between different specialisations and Co-op, the fact that you would gain practical experience, was crucial in her decision.

-The programme is also very wide in its scope. If you are not interested in maintenance you can create and construct new products. You are not locked into anything. In many other professions, I would not have as many options.

Despite this, Maria would like the programme to give students the option to specialise more in either maintenance or construction to deepen their knowledge in the field.

-I don’t regret my choice and the future looks bright, Maria Björk says.



For further information, please contact:
Magnus Lemoine, Coordinator for collaboration at University of Gävle
Tel: 026-64 89 02, 073-070 89 02
Email: magnus.lemoine@hig.se

Lars Ericson, Manager strategic planning Stora Enso Skutskär
Tel: 01046-75454, 070-682 64 54
Email: lars.ericson@storaenso.com


Text: Douglas Öhrbom
Photo: Ove Wall 

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