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World Leading 5G Researcher at Gävle

Shoaib Amin

The technology we have developed increases performance while demanding less energy, a necessity now when we are building the fifth generation of wireless systems, says Shoaib Amin, researcher at the University of Gävle.

It has to go faster

The increasing use of wireless communication systems, for example mobile phones, puts increasing demands on high data rates and wireless access.

Telecommunication of tomorrow is much about providing high data rates.

A great problem today is that the consumer loses so much due to distortions in receiving and sending information.

Shoaib has focused on developing new mathematical models for amplifiers to optimize their performance.

-Our algorithm minimizes distortions and, in this way, helps to maximize the amount of data in every transmission which optimizes the system’s capacity and efficiency.

A completely new model

Our technology makes it possible to study the behaviour of single, unique amplifiers. Based on that physical knowledge of the amplifier, the researchers have developed a completely new model.

-This is the only model in science right now which not only registers efficiency but also monitors how much computer power is needed at each instance. In this way, the amount of computer power needed decreases radically.


This technology will be of great importance for the new base stations needed for 5G technology. These stations will demand hundreds of amplifiers operating at the same time.

-At this point, it will be essential to save energy and this technology will help us do just that. Our calculations estimate that we will save 10-15% which means millions of SEK for this line of business.

The Master Programme at University of Gävle is unique

The Master Programme at Gävle was unique in Sweden as it involved both hardware and software. The University of Gävle was the only one to offer such a combination in its programme.

For a month now, Shoiab has been back working for Qamcom Research and Technology and he wants to stay and work in Sweden.

-I think Sweden is excellent, except for the cold during the winter, Shoiab Amin says.

The content of his dissertation has resulted in a number of articles published in international journals and in international conference presentations.

Shoaib Amin defends his dissertation "Characterization and Linearization of Multi-band Multi-channel RF Power Amplifiers" on Friday 24 February at 10:15 in room 99:133, University of Gävle.

The opponent is Christian Fager, Professor at Chalmers University of Technology. Daniel Rönnow, professor at University of Gävle, and Peter Händel, Professor at the Royal Institute of Technology were supervisors.


For more information, please contact:
Shoaib Amin, researcher at the University of Gävle
Phone: 072- 310 21 56
Email: shoaib.amin@hig.se

Text: Douglas Öhrbom
Photo: Private       

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