Abdulkadir is moving forward


“Education is the road towards a better life, and in Sweden there are opportunities for everyone. Take the chance and work hard now, so you don’t have to regret anything later in life,” says Abdulkadir Moalim, who will soon graduate as a mechanical engineer from the University of Gävle.

A Dream

Abdulkadir Moalim is studying his final year on the mechanical engineering programme. He enjoys himself and finds it stimulating as he feels that he is constantly learning new things.

“I have had a dream to become an engineer and mechanical engineering is new and appealing to me.”

Abdulkadir knows that there is a great demand for mechanical engineers in Sweden, so opportunities for finding a job are good.

The student ambassador

Abdulkadir Studentambassadör

He has been a student ambassador since 2015; he followed the example of some of his friends and realised that it was fun to travel around and inform people about the University of Gävle. Soon, he has been on the road during 2 years at the service of the University.

“Meeting future students, that is what I enjoy most. To be able to tell them that there are so many opportunities here, to be part of playing down the step of starting higher education.”

In his experience, many people believe that higher education is difficult and that they won’t be able to make it.

“Maybe you are the first one in your family. I feel that I can play the part of the bridge, to show that this is for everyone.”

Referee of the year

Abdulkadir Fotbollsdomare

Abdulkadir is active in various associations within the municipality of Tierp where he lives. He plays football and sits on boards within football associations as well as in other associations. Moreover, he was awarded “Referee of the Year” for 2016 by the Uppland Football Association.

“It is exciting, you develop and it so much fun to meet people,” Abdulkadir says.

No “p” and no “v”

Ten years ago, when he was 13, Abdulkadir came to Sweden from Somalia. It was a completely new world, with new experiences and new friends.

“There were many new obstacles, and the worst obstacle was the language. For example, we don’t have any ‘p’ or ‘v,’ and we have special words that do not exist in Swedish. It was a difficult job in the beginning, but it was a job that had to be done. Trying to see the opportunities and then, suddenly, breaking through, the doors opened for me and I got past the obstacles.”

Abdulkadir emphasises repeatedly that learning the language is the key. Mastering Swedish made it possible for him to improve his grades in lower secondary school so as to be admitted into upper secondary school.

Moving Forward

Next summer, Abdulkadir will work as a project leader at the University of Gävle. During two weeks, upper secondary school students are welcomed to summer jobs as engineer trainees. They are introduced to the technology programmes of the University, while working in a real project.

Another project, “Summer school in technology” for pupils in grade 8, aims to stir their interest in technology already at this early age.

Abdulkadir is now 23 years old and intends to move to wherever the jobs are. Feeling as if he is really getting into this now, he is starting to love Gävle.

“Education is the road towards success and towards a better life. Take the chance and work hard now, so you don’t have to regret anything later in life,” Abdulkadir Moalim says.

In Sweden, there are endless opportunities and they are open for all!

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Abdulkadir Moalim, student on the mechanical engineering programme at University of Gävle
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Text: Douglas Öhrbom
Photo portrait: Ove Wall
Photo other: Privat

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