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About being Stig Dagerman’s daughter

Lo Dagerman

Stig Dagerman’s daughter, Lo Dagerman, visited the University of Gävle to confer with Bengt Söderhäll, who initiated the Dagerman seminar about her new book Shadows We Carry.

Stig Dagerman is topical in two ways

Lo Dagerman is daughter to Stig Dagerman and the actress Anita Björk. She is residing in the US since thirty years back, where she has made a huge effort to spread her father’s authorship.

Stig Dagerman (1923-54) is topical in Sweden in two ways, for one, there is a new biography about him and secondly, there is also a new collection of novels – and in the US he’s become a bestseller too.

Shadows We Carry

Lo Dagerman has collaborated with Nancy Pick to recently release the book “Shadows We Carry”, about one of Stig Dagerman’s most used plays called “Skuggan av Mart” (The shadow of Mart).

The book has gotten excellent reviews, Aftonbladet: “Lo Dagerman and Nancy Pick possess the intellectual courage to examine their father’s shadows”. With impressive energy and patientce they dig through facts and fill in gaps.”

Lo and Bengt

Lo Dagerman and Bengt Söderhäll conversed about Stig Dagerman’s penmanship in Krusenstjernasalen. Most of the conversation took place in English and was part of the course “Literature and Freedom of Expression”.

The book Shadows We Carry was available for sale and to be signed at the seminar.

About Shadows We Carry:

Stig Dagerman wrote the play The shadow of Mart in 1948, which is about a mother and her two sons. The play was created after a visit at the author Etta Federn’s place in Paris. In the newly released book Shadows We Carry, Dagerman’s daughter Lo Dagerman and an American relative to Federn, Nancy Pick, examines the play and the meeting of the authors.


For more information, please contact:
Bengt Söderhäll, senior lecturer in Didactics at the University of Gävle
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Text: Douglas Öhrbom
Photo: Bengt Söderhäll

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