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Gävle’s highly desirable surveyor students are now being sent to Stockholm

Lantmätarstudenter Högskolan i Gävle

David Kelly and Lovisa Karlsson are two of the students at the Land Surveying Study Programme at the University of Gävle who were sent to Stockholm April the 20th. Everything was organized by companies and authorities who are hoping to get future associates out of it.

David and Lovisa

These are two hopeful students who are looking very brightly upon their future.

David Kelly who comes from Jönköping likes living in Gävle and feels that he made the right choice with his education. Lovisa Karlsson comes from the more proximate town of Östhammar and she, too, is completely satisfied with her decision and believes that the education width will provide her with many options in the future.

These initiatives from companies and authorities are very interesting to both students.

“It is excellent that one gets to establish a relationship with future potential employers and you get that feeling that we are needed,” says David.

“This is a great investment and it shows that there is a great interest in us. It is also validation that the future is looking very bright,” says Lovisa.

About the future:“Right now I’m thinking that I will be moving to where I can get a job, but eventually I am looking at living closer to home and family,” says David.“I would like to avoid all metropolises and remain here, or even further up north,” says Lovisa.

The initiative

It is about some authorities and companies who have, for the first time, collaborated to tempt more people into becoming land surveyors. The 20th of April a rather large buss capable of accommodating 50 people came and got land surveyor students in Gävle and transported them to an inspirational event in Stockholm.

The background is that we have long had a lack of land surveyor competence in Sweden, which is a lack that strikes both employers and societal functions.

The Land surveyor authorities have a hard time staffing their offices and delivering what society needs. It concerns construction, but also infrastructure, railways, subways and roads. Everywhere there are delays and hiccups if there are not enough land surveyors.

Tomas Vesterlin

Tomas Vesterlin is the man behind the initiative, but currently there is a whole group of companies and authorities working together.

“We want to be involved in securing the competence and also to encourage the students.

Everyone is graduating into a guaranteed employment with a good salary and a job that is very interesting. I don’t know anyone who isn’t satisfied with their work assignments,” says Tomas Vesterlin.

“The idea is that this is going to be continuous every year and that we are going to be at the school to a larger degree. Our goal is to knit together the business world and the academic world by being present at the school from day one. We have received a great response from students and universities and they are very interested.” 


The Land Surveying programme

The university’s land surveyor programme has two different directions available, one which has a great economical/legal direction and the other one has a technical direction, says the programme director Märit Walfridsson.

The economical/legal direction means that you will receive an education suited for work where, for example, one works with deciding who has the ownership rights and/or other rights to land and how those rights change.

The technical direction is more directed towards measurement technique and management of geographical data. Students from both directions are very sought-after by several government agencies, municipalities and private actors such as major land owners and consults within the field.


For more information, please contact:
Märit Walfridsson, programme director for the study programme in land surveying at the University of Gävle
Phone: 026-64 85 40
Email: marit.walfridsson@hig.se

Tomas Vesterlin, Vesterlins in Stockholm
Phone: 070-719 70 05
Email: tomas.vesterlin@vesterlins.se

Text: Douglas Öhrbom
Photo of students: Ove wall
Other photo: Private

Published by: Douglas Öhrbom Page responsible: Anders Munck Updated: 2017-05-03
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