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Elin and Emma awarded prize for their environmental work

Stiftelsen Gästrikeregionens miljöpris 2017

At a ceremony at the University of Gävle on 19 April, Elin Nordin and Emma Thiede were awarded a prize of 7500 SEk each by Gästrikeregionen Miljö.

What have you achieved?

Elin and Emma explain that they have compared different biofuels for public transport in the Gävleborg region. Their investigation aims to make it easier for public transport operators to choose the biofuel which suits their purposes best.

What is your view of the programme at the University of Gävle?

They have studied the Environmental engineering programme and are both very happy with it.

“I feel prepared to work within environmental engineering,” Elin, says.

“I am especially happy with the fact that the programme focused on project based learning to a high degree, so that one feels prepared for working life,” Emma says.

What does it mean to you to be awarded this prize?

They are proud of their work and see the prize as a fine confirmation for a job well done and appreciate the fact that their work will be immediately useful in environmental work.

What are you doing today?

Elin works as an environmental investigator at the technology consultant business WST. Emma is deputy chair in Gefle Student Union and intends to find a relevant job in the region after this.


The prize was awarded on 19 April at a ceremony at the University of Gävle by Thomas Nylund, president of Gästrike återvinnare.

From the jury’s motivation:

“The essay in environmental engineering is a comparison between different biofuels for public transport buses in the Gävleborg region. Biodiesel, biogases and electric drive are reviewed as alternative fuels with the aim to reduce Co2 emission. The essay is well-written and gives a thorough background regarding choice of alternative fuels from recycled waste also in other regions.”

The research foundation “Gästrikeregionens Miljö”

Together with Gästrike återvinnare and SUEZ, the University of Gävle have established the research foundation Gästrikeregionens Miljö.

The foundation initiates, supports and stimulates cross-disciplinary research and development projects. The projects selected might concern methods and technology for waste treatment, consumer behaviour and information etcetera.

The foundation Gästrikeregionens Miljö also draws attention to students who in their degree projects contribute to its area of activity.

For more information, please contact
Kaisu Sammalisto, Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Sustainable Development
Tel: 026-64 87 94, 070-608 13 33
Email: kaisu.sammalisto@hig.se

Text: Douglas Öhrbom
Photo: Ove Wall         

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