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Warm and heartfelt thanks for last Friday!

What a memorable ending to my time as a Vice-Chancellor you gave me last Friday. I was taken by surprise by how many of you could find the time to come and it really touched me.

The visit from the minister also felt like a sign of appreciation for our successful developmental work to build a strong university, prepared for the future. From what the minister said, we can assume that our work has been noticed at the governmental level, a fact I hope you will take with you with pride. Today, we are a higher learning institution to be reckoned with, an institution that in addition has the ambition to become even better.

The farewell ceremony at Regementsparken was also a great success. I hope that this event will inspire you to use this amazingly beautiful park for our University’ activities more in the future. Who else has a stage amidst the greenery?

Many thanks for the apple tree that I hope will grow and develop well and give fruit to staff as well as students of the University. I think it’s fun that it will be called Maj-Britt and I will of course check on its development in the future. Many thanks also to the student association for the overall; I will wear it very respectfully on special occasions.

Another thing that will make the ceremony at Regementsparken unforgettable is the fact that the piece of cloth covering the portrait was blown off at the completely wrong moment. It lightened up the mood and provoked amusement.

Hope that you think that the portrait is me, as I wished to be portrayed in an environment connected to our mission statement and vision. Birch trees are my great passion; unbelievably beautiful to watch, they create a good soil environment and firewood for fantastic fires.

Again, many thanks for last Friday. Thanks to you, it became a memorable day, heartening and touching.


Vice-Chancellor for a few more weeks

Published by: Douglas Öhrbom Page responsible: Anders Munck Updated: 2017-06-09
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