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University of Gävle world-leading in new technology for cooling metals

Kylprocesser för industrin

Vinnova, together with Region Gävleborg, grant Bahram Moshfegh 5,4 million SEK to develop new technology which streamlines the cooling of metallic materials.

Tell us more, Bahram Moshfeg, professor in energy systems and deputy vice-chancellor for research at the University of Gävle.

The technique is called “impinging jet” and streamlines the cooling of metallic materials. The competitiveness of the Swedish metal and engineering industry will be strengthened, as the technology is more environmentally friendly, more energy-efficient and enhances quality.

Strengthens the companies in the region

This technology provides us with new opportunities to develop improved materials, to give metallic material new properties and to make industrial processes more energy efficient.

Potentially, it can also create markets for subcontractors. Companies that develop and make equipment and components may benefit, but also companies that provide algorithms and consulting services within simulation and control.

One of the main goals of the project is to develop new products and services for small and middle-sized companies in our region.

Development in collaboration

The University of Gävle has built up major research resources in the area and the project is also a good example of collaboration between academia and the business sector.

Successful research has been conducted here over time, easily accessible for industrial applications as the test-beds are jointly developed by the business sector and academia.

The establishment of the test-bed is the result of many years work and many different projects supported by European regional development funds like Vinnova, The Swedish Energy Agency, Jernkontoret, Triple Steelix, Region Gävleborg and Region Dalarna among others.


The consortium represents different parts of several value chains depending on the metallurgical area. In the grouping, there are, for example, representatives for academia, end users, machine suppliers and engineering consultants.

Our skills in the University are world-leading when it comes to industrial applications which is proven in the great number of project participants from the industry,

For more information, please contact:
Bahram Moshfegh, professor in energy systems and deputy vice-chancellor for research at the University of Gävle

Phone: 070-846 46 47
E-mail: bahram.moshfegh@hig.se

Published by: Camilla Haglund Page responsible: Anders Munck Updated: 2020-07-15
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