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Does democracy as we know it stand a chance?

Stina Oscarson

During the coming autumn, the University of Gävle launches a public seminar series by inviting experts in the field to discuss and shed light on how democracy is being undermined today and what will be required to sustain and strengthen democracy in the future.

The seminar series, which in the long-term perspective is aimed at becoming a programme in sustainable democracy, involves philosophy, politics, history and the future.

The idea behind the seminar series is to try to establish what the forces are that are currently undermining democracy and, in this manner, to establish what needs to be strengthened to maintain democracy.

Do all people have equal value? Should we share all the work that needs to get done? The technological development—to what extent should it be used?

In a world where everyone is no longer needed, we need to discuss in a serious manner what human value rests on and, hence, also democracy.

“We need to sharpen our arguments, if we continue to believe that there is an intrinsic value in that everyone is participating in deciding the definition of a dignified life,” says Stina Oscarsson, moderator of the seminar series.

For more information, please contact:
Maivor Hallén, Library Director at University of Gävle
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Text: Douglas Öhrbom

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