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A sustainable world, an economic dilemma?

Hållbar ekonomi

“Economising with resources mustn’t lead to a diminishing of social and ecological values in society. It has to be zero sum game. And that is the great challenge,” says Agneta Sundström, senior lecturer in i business administration at the University of Gävle.

During 2017, the University of Gävle has arranged a seminar series on economic sustainability. The seminars have taken critical, transdisciplinary perspectives as their starting points and have explored economic sustainability in different contexts. Examples of such explorations are how economic sustainability affects ethical positions, or how it may lead to socially unsustainable effects. Another perspective was economic sustainability and its bearings on school development, to mention but a few.


  • 5 April Sustainable economy: what is it and what is it good for? Arne Fagerström, professor of accounting and finance. “We have to acknowledge other values than money”
  • 28 April Ethics and economy: action strategies for a sustainable world.
  • Jari Ristiniemi. Professor of religious studies: dogmatic economic principles threaten human dignity
  • 2 June Independent schools and competition: a Swedish school policy failure? Daniel Pettersson Reader in education: schools shouldn’t exclude pupils
  • 15 September Environmental assessment of economically sustainable solutions Ola Norrman Eriksson och Karl Hillman
  • 20 October Economic sustainability from a social perspective, Gloria Macassa.
  • Responsible and sustainable, Lars Hassel.
  • 7 December Workshop: Economic sustainability from a multidisciplinary perspective, Rodrigo Lozano

“The purpose of the seminar series on economic sustainability has been to explore the interdependence between economic sustainability, on the one hand, and ecological and social sustainability on the other,” Agneta Sundström says.

Workshop: Economic sustainability

“We would now like to invite everyone to a final workshop, where previous presenters summarize their lectures. These summaries are followed by a panel discussion where the issues are discussed in the plenary. The workshop will be in English.”

Moderator: Rodrigo Lozano, reader in industrial engineering
Date: 7 December
Time: 10.00am – 13.00pm
Room: Krusenstjerna salen ·

For more information, please contact:
Agneta Sundström, senior lecturer in i business administration at the University of Gävle.
Phone: 026-64 88 76, 070-191 38 50
Email: agneta.sundstrom@hig.se

Text: Douglas Öhrbom

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