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Gävle rewarded Student Union Chair Linda Igglund

Linda Igglund

The Gävle Municipality reward ”Bra gjort för Gävle” was awarded Student Union Chair Linda Igglund.

Linda makes the students feel at home

From the motivation:

”Gävle was chosen Student City of the Year 2017/2018, and here the leadership and commitment of Student Union Chair Linda Igglund played a decisive part.

”Linda Igglund has made the students like it here, which also means that some of them will remain and become inhabitants of Gävle when they start working,” says Ingela KällgrenSawela, the chair of the municipal executive board, in a press release.

”The Student Union, together with the University of Gävle and Gävle Municipality, continuously strive to improve our students’ environment.”

”It is always positive when the work we do in the student union is noticed, because it puts the students in focus. For me personally, it feels good that I can make a difference,” Linda Igglund says.

”Bra gjort för Gävle”

Since 2015, the reward ”Bra gjort för Gävle” is presented at Gävle Municipality’s business breakfast. Former award winners are, for instance, Thomas ”Bulan” Berglund, cartoonists Jan and Maria Berglin, Lasse Wennman from ”Matakuten,” Posa Serenius and Rolf Lassgård.


For more information, please contact
Linda Igglund, chair, Gefle Student Union
Phone: 070-964 00 42
email: ordforande@geflestudentkar.se


Text: Douglas Öhrbom
Photo: Anna Sällberg

Published by: Douglas Öhrbom Page responsible: Anders Munck Updated: 2018-02-06
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