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Collaboration with the University gave the business from Färila a boost in the US


Various businesses gain assistance from recent university graduates to develop their activities in a successful project hosted by the University of Gävle and Dalarna University.

Projektledarna Erik Arén och Peter Sörell

KTP-projektledaren Erik Arén tillsammans med JPS VD Peter Sörell.

KTP project manager Erik Areén together with JPS CEO Peter Sörell.

This form of collaboration is called KTP, Knowledge Transfer Partnerships.

“Businesses gain assistance to develop their activities from someone who recently graduated and the University in turn gains important knowledge for their research. Several businesses have exciting projects running and we will tell you about some of them,” says Ola Wiklund, coordinator for the project at the University of Gävle.

JPS Teknik AB

JPS Teknik AB has its base in the small town Färila in the municipality of Ljusdal in the northwest corner of Gävleborg. JPS Teknik AB manufactures sawing and cutting units for mobile and stationary forest machines.

The business sells their unique products on a global market and the technical solution, which is patented, contributes to reduced fuel consumption for the forest machines and reduced crack formation when cutting timber.

Erik Arén

KTP project manager Erik Areén, who was employed, is a forester with a specialisation in forest industrial economics. His CV is complemented with a very good management training and some of his studies have been carried out in North America.

“Erik´s work has been the basis for several of our activities on the North American market. We have gained assistance in looking at our production logistics and we are now discussing a research project around reducing cracks when cutting,” JPS CEO Peter Sörell.

Strategic orders from the US

Today, JPS has several strategic orders from the US and they are very satisfied with the KTP projects manager’s work.

“We could never have accomplished all this on our own. Färila is a very small town in a sparsely populated region and to be able to get this kind of support has been crucial for our development. The results are far beyond our expectations and of course very pleasing,” Peter Sörell says.


For more information:

JPS Teknik AB Peter Sörell, phone: 070-6722307, email: peter@jpsteknik.com

Ola Wiklund, University of Gävle
phone: 070-5412700
email: ola.wiklund@hig.se

Published by: Douglas Öhrbom Page responsible: Anders Munck Updated: 2018-03-27
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