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Gävle’s Environmental Hero, Karl Hillman


Gävle Municipality’s award, Gävle’s Environmental Hero for year 2018, goes to Karl Hillman, senior lecturer in environmental engineering and programme director for the study programme Environmental Strategist.

Karl Hillman

Gävle’s Environmental Hero

The award Gävle’s Environmental Hero is the municipality’s way to encourage those who work extra hard to improve the environment in Gävle, and the choice of Karl Hillman is motived in the following words:

“Karl has great knowledge in the field of the environment, knowledge that he uses and shares both in his private and professional life. He is a vegetarian, commutes on his bicycle from Valbo to the University in all weathers and avoids using the car as often as possible, even during vacations.

In his role as a lecturer, Karl shares his environmental knowledge and environmental awareness, with tireless enthusiasm. Hundreds of students listen to him and they, in turn, take part in creating the future both within and outside Gävle.”


“When I see what research shows, that the car-dependent society, increased air travel and increased meat consumption are not sustainable in the long run, I would like to try another way to live and feel good, in my working life, in my everyday life and during my vacations,” Karl Hillman says.

Nominated by his students

Karl finds it extra gratifying that his students appreciate his efforts and nominated him for the award.

“It shows us that they have confidence in what we are doing; we do want our students to go out into their working life and deal with these issues and contribute to a sustainable development.”

He enjoys working at the University of Gävle, where a sustainable development in society has been in focus for a long time. This is seen in its everyday activities, in its investment in environmental programmes and its efforts to integrate sustainable development into existing programmes.

“When I’m out and meet businesses and organisations in and near our region, they are familiar with the University and our work for a sustainable development. This is really important, and a key to the University’s development forward, I believe.”


Text: Douglas Öhrbom

Photo: Lena Säfström
Photo Cycle: Private

Published by: Douglas Öhrbom Page responsible: Anders Munck Updated: 2018-03-29
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