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Edsby entrepreneur praises the collaboration with the University of Gävle


“There are many small businesses in need of skilled staff,” says Joel Strandell, CEO for Alu Partner. Through the University of Gävle, there is an opportunity to employ on a project basis and Nina Gimström will be their production manager.

Nina Gimström och Joel Strandell

Nina Gimström och Joel Strandell

Needed someone to challenge us

Alu Partner is located in Edsbyn in the south of Hälsingland. It is a relatively young business with around 55 employees which manufactures aluminium profiles.

CEO Joel Strandell says that the initiative came from the University, and as it matched his own view, the collaboration has been productive.

“We felt that we needed someone who could challenge us and drive processes forward, which is a necessary development,” Joel Strandell says.

Small businesses equal great opportunities

Joel Strandell argues that many small businesses are in need of such skills, and he believes that there are greater opportunities for the individual new employee there than in a large company.

“In a small business, you will be given the opportunity to play an important part much sooner. Nina will complete the project by the end of the year, but it is already decided that she will then become employed as our production manager.”

Nina is production manager already

Nina Gimström says that she was very well received by the management as well as by the rest of the staff. She applied for the position via the KTP project, graduated in industrial engineering and management on 9 June and began working for Alu Partner on 12 June.

“It didn’t take long to get into the new activities, I think. It was straight into the hot spot. It was a kick start because they had expectations on me. I am part of a team and it was already decided who I should work with.”

Today Nina is production manager and will continue in that position.

Her partner has to commute instead

“I am a Hälsinge-girl since last winter. I took my partner and dog and moved up here. I used to have a small flat in Bollnäs, but now my partner has to commute instead.”

Nina says that she likes it very much and is looking forward to spending the summer in Hälsingland.

“I wouldn’t have found this business if it hadn’t been for the KTP project. I never imagined that I would find myself in Edsbyn and bandy is fun!”

About the programme

Nina thinks that the programme is rather broad in its scope, and when you are working the different pieces fall into place.

“It’s such a good idea to have a broad programme, because when you come to a new place, you are faced with completely new conditions. Moreover, via KTP I have a connection to academia, which I think I need and it’s good for me,” Nina Gimström concludes.


KTP (Knowledge Transfer Partnerships) is a form of collaborations between universities and businesses in which the businesses are assisted by recently graduated students in developing their activities.

“Businesses gain assistance to develop their activities from someone who recently graduated and universities in turn gains important knowledge for their research. Moreover, we reach businesses that normally wouldn’t get this kind of competence,” says Ola Wiklund, coordinator for the project at the University of Gävle.



För mer information, v v kontakta:
Joel Strandell, CEO, Alu Partner i Edsbyn AB
Tel: 073-504 66 54
Email: joel@alupartner.se

Nina Gimström, KTP-coworker and Production Manager Alu Partner
Tel: 0271-588 85
Email: nina@alupartner.se

Ola Wiklund, KTP University of Gävle
Tel: 070-5412700
Email: ola.wiklund@hig.se


Text: Douglas Öhrbom
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