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Graduation exhibition in industrial design


Exhibition vernissage 25 May 2pm at Fårhallen, University of Gävle. The exhibition runs between 25 May and 1 June.

Utställning Industristudenter

Exhibition vernissage: 2pm and 5 pm on May 25.

17 students show their work and are present during the opening to speak about their degree projects.

Among the projects, there are environmentally friendly sneakers, a stop-smoking app, charging poles for the electrical road net of the future, materials made from the leftovers from palm oil production and gender-neutral packaging for sanitary products.

Meet Sofie and Oscar

Sofie Nordenstrand


Before Sofie Nordenstam began at the Industrial design programme, she went to an art school in Gävle.

“There, I made several constructions in wood and found that interesting, and one of my teachers advised me to apply to industrial design here at the University of Gävle.”

Sofie recommends the programme, especially to those interested in problem solving which permeates everything.

“There are many fields that look attractive to me now, the practical aspect for instance, but graphic design sounds interesting as well. Outdoor public places are also interesting. One dream would be to design Gävle strand. “

As a degree project, Sofie has designed a room for VR exhibitions at Länsmusseet, which will show Fågelsjö Gammelgård.

“I have designed the layout of the room, but also graphic elements like the information, the decoration etcetera,” Sofie Nordenstam says.




Oscar Bergman

Oscar Bergman is also from Gävle and tells us that he has been interested in being creative, in drawing and painting, since he was a little boy.

He says that the sustainability perspective of the programme is very good, becuase there is always a balance you need to take into account and to reflect on when you design things.

In the fall, he will start studying lighting design at KTH, focusing on lightening and its effect on the environment.

“It will be fun to bring in the sustainability perspective I gained here into that work.”

Oscar thinks that the programme is very good, and that there is a wide range of different types of personalities in the class.

“We do a lot of group work, and I think that such work makes you grow as a person. The programme is very free and there is fun mix of people in the class. I hope to work with sustainability and innovation. I hope to be able to make a difference.”

Oscars’s lamp which was exhibited at Möbelmässan.

lampan som ställdes ut på möbelmässan

Power pole Velum, which is Oscar’s degree project.

Elvägsstolpen Velum som Oscar har gjort som examensarbete


Innovative work at the University of Gävle

The study programme in industrial design at the University of Gävle exhibited Lygophobia, a project with innovative armatures for public spaces.

Fungk Design: Oscar Bendrik, Evelina Ess och Anton Torklén
Vrida Design: Matilda Björnsdotter, Adam Jägerstedt och Lovisa Pettersson

Industridesignprogrammet vid Gävle Högskola visade på Stockholm Furniture Fair Lygophobia – ett armaturprojekt med innovativa armaturer för offentlig miljö.

The office space for the future was given a lot of attention by the press

Design: Lovisa Pettersson

Framtidens kontorsarbetsplats

Earlier in Milano.. "Brings the jungle to your livingroom"

Standing Green Design: Simon Woll Söder, Emma Jonsson, Carl Martin Wiberg

Standing Green by Simon Woll Söder, Emma Jonsson, Carl Martin Wiberg

The study programme in industrial design in Gävle

Design is applied in a growing number of areas as society and business realise the potential of design methodology and “Design thinking.” The programme in industrial design in Gävle is both artistic and industrial, but above all we concentrate on a holistic view, user-centred design and sustainable development. Creative skills training and problem solving are central aspects and result in new innovative products, services and environments.

During three years, students work with several projects, industrially and in groups. Most projects include practical modelling in workshops and laboratories, which means that the major part of the studies is located on campus.

The profile of the programme is the use of forest product-based materials connected to new research in the field. Design history, field design and styling and CAD are other examples of what the programme contains.

The subject suits you if you are creative, practical, thorough and curious about other people.


For more information, please contat:
Britta Teleman, product designer, industrial design at the University of Gävle
Phone: 073-999 93 29
Email: britta.teleman@hig.se


Text: Douglas Öhrbom

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