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5G is a revolution for us all


“5G means that data transfer will be faster and more reliable. Moreover, around the corner we can expect mining and forestry machinery operated from a distance and automated warehouses,” says Mahmoud Alizadeh, researcher at the University of Gävle.

Mahmoud Alizadeh

“5G is the fifth-generation mobile system which will make all this happen,” Mahmoud Alizadeh explains. His research focuses on advanced technology with optimised antennas, amplifiers and receivers which are all necessary to fulfil the demands of 5G. The aim is to produce a high-quality signal from the amplifiers and to simplify models as 5G demands a large number of amplifiers.

“The amplifiers are very complex and expensive, which means that my research can prove to be very useful for this new technology,” Mahmoud Alizadeh says.

The signal can track a train at full speed

To produce a strong signal, beamforming is used. Beamforming means that we instead of broadcasting signals in all directions focus a very strong signal in a thin concentrated beam pointed only in the user’s direction. This technology is also much more energy-efficient.

“For instance, even if the mobile phone users are on board of a fast train, beamforming can enable that a high-quality contact is established and maintained.”

Mahmoud points out that there are many possibilities with 5G, from smart solutions used to ease the workloads of healthcare staff to remote operating of forestry and mining machinery.

“Cars will also be able to collaborate in real time. This will give us safer traffic and much more efficient transports than today,” Mahmoud Alizadeh concludes.

Research on health effects of high-frequency radiation needed

Mahmoud urges us to not only emphasize the impressive advantages of 5G technology, but to strive to make the technology as environmentally friendly as possible when it comes to efficiency, cost, radiation and so on.

In this context, Mahmoud calls for comprehensive studies on health effects of high-frequency radiation for both humans and other living creatures.

“This is necessary as the 5G system will increase the number of cell towers dramatically. They will become very close to us and the radiation our bodies will absorb will be more powerful,” Mahmoud Alizadeh concludes.


Mahmoud Alizadeh defended his doctoral dissertation "Characterisation, Modelling and Digital Pre-Distortion Techniques for RF Transmitters in Wireless Systems" 18 February 2019, University of Gävle

External examiner: Prof. Noureddine Boulejfen, Centre de Recherche en Microélectronique et Nanotechnologie (CRMN), Technopole de Sousse

Examining committee: Dr Kristoffer Andersson, Ericsson AB, Prof. Tingting Zhang,

Mid Sweden University, Prof. Bengt Carlsson, Uppsala University

Chair: Magnus Isaksson, University of Gävle



Mahmoud Alizadeh, PhD student in electronics at the University of Gävle
Phone: 070-012 18 79
E-mail: Mahmoud.Alizadeh@hig.se

Text: Douglas Öhrbom
Photo: Anna Sällberg

Published by: Douglas Öhrbom Page responsible: Anders Munck Updated: 2019-03-15
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