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University of Gävle awarded the prize “Good efforts for Gävle”


Around 170 people showed up when Gävle Municipality, and two local associations for entrepreneurs, “Företagarna” and Gävles Företagarförening, invited them to a Business breakfast with a focus on the future of business in Gävle. The University of Gävle was awarded the prize “Bra gjort för Gävle” (“Good efforts for Gävle”).

Gävle Municipality annually awards the prize “Bra gjort för Gävle” to honour individuals, associations and organisations who work in the best interests of Gävle. The motivation for the University of Gävle:

“A research attitude, well-established forms for collaborations with the business sector and special competence among lecturers within an impressive range of subjects. But also, a gender equality perspective which is firmly anchored within activity plans, opportunities for students to take an active part in developing university activities and a good working environment with long-term skill supply strategies.

These are some of the reasons which made the Swedish Higher Education Authority entitle the University of Gävle the right to award degrees of Master of Science in Engineering, the five-year programme “civilingenjörsexamen.” This decision is a boost for the University of Gävle and, at the same time, a big step forward for the future labour market in the whole Gävleborg region.

Therefore, the University of Gävle is awarded the prize ‘Bra gjort för Gävle.’”

Pro-Vice-Chancellor Lars Bengtsson and Magnus Isaksson, professor in electronics received the prize.

Pro-Vice-Chancellor Lars Bengtsson and Magnus Isaksson, professor in electronics received the prize.

Challenges and assets of the business sector

On behalf of Gävle Municipality, Sweco has explored how the business sector in Gävle may look in the future. The result was presented at the Business breakfast. Emma Andersson, social analyst at Sweco, pointed out that changes in the business sector mean new demands on the power of attraction and living environments. Therefore, investments to strengthen the business sector are crucial. Sweco’s analysis shows that the core of the business sector in Gävle is made up of construction, logistics, hotel and restaurants, and public authorities. The growth potential can be found in education, healthcare and public authorities.

The greatest obstacles to growth in Gävle are skill shortages and problems regarding matching. To strengthen the business sector, Sweco recommends an upgrade in the skill level of the labour force and taking the existing business sector as the starting point. As skill shortage is a major problem, the University has a central role to play here.

“The University of Gävle, with its 16 000 students, attempts to contribute with upskilling and with growth. The right to award degrees of Master of Science in Engineering is an important quality label, marking the fact that we are a large higher education institution. We are doing all we can to ensure a better match between the supply of skills and labour market demand in the region,” Pro-Vice-Chancellor Lars Bengtsson concludes.


Text: Stina Lilja
Photo: Marie Hägg

Published by: Douglas Öhrbom Page responsible: Anders Munck Updated: 2019-03-26
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