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Unique test rig for quality steel opens at the University of Gävle


“This test rig is completely unique and, for the industry, long-awaited,” says Bahram Moshfegh, professor in energy systems and project manager at the University of Gävle.

At the rig, doctoral students in energy systems, Mohammed Jahedi and Robert Johanssson

At the rig, doctoral students in energy systems, Mohammed Jahedi and Robert Johanssson

Bahram Moshfegh, Högskolan i Gävle

Bahram Moshfegh, Högskolan i Gävle

Bahram Moshfeg explains that the test rig is unique in two different ways. First, it is big enough for companies within the steel industry to test objects that are almost the size of finished industrial products, and, secondly, the cooling process can be adjusted so as to enable exact cooling curves.

“The cooling process can be varied according to all thinkable parameters, and its sheer size is unique for Sweden. We haven’t seen this design anywhere else in the world,” Bahram Moshfegh says. “Today, companies within the steel industry test their products in their own plants, and they are unable to vary parameters when the process is ongoing, so that totality is unavailable for them.”

A national resource everyone is talking about

From its very beginning, the project has been a collaboration between the University and the steel industry supported by research grants from the Swedish Energy Agency. At first, the project involved only Ovako, Höganäs and SSAB, but today there is a collaboration between 30 companies within the steel industry. Moshfegh predicts that the test rig can be a national resource for large and medium-sized companies.

“If they have a finished product, it can be tested here. We will help them with the cooling technique, which determines the properties of steel.”

The test rig in Gävle is very much talked about, and Gert Nilson, VP, Research & Education at Jernkontoret, will speak at the opening ceremony. Jernkontoret is the Swedish steel producers' association.

The general interest indicates the importance of the University’s test rig for the steel industry, Bahram explains. He reveals that the University’s has a second test rig for tubes, rods and beams. Both rigs will be demonstrated at the opening.

“These two rigs will cover a large range of steel industry products. In addition, our doctoral students will continue their research and also publish common knowledge which is important for the field.”

Swedish steel still bites, but…

International competition increases all the time, Bahram Moshfegh says. He points to China, which uses its resources to produce special steel. Ongoing research and product development are crucial for Swedish steel industry, Moshfeg states, and special steel is what matters most.

“Swedish steel still bites, but competition hardens. Now, here at home, Swedish steel companies will gain the opportunity to conduct research and product development on the cooling of special steel,” Bahram Moshfegh says.

Gert Nilson, Jernkontoret

Gert Nilson, Jernkontoret

Jernkontoret: “Very well done, University of Gävle”

“Here, we will gain an opportunity to develop interesting properties of steel and find new profiles for many different types of steel,” says Gert Nilson, VP, Research & Education at Jernkontoret.

“The University of Gävle’s initiative is a very good one. We need this type of neutral meeting places to be able to be innovative. To me, this is a very good example of a university’s collaboration with the industry. The University of Gävle is among those who are very good at reaching out a hand to the surrounding society.”

Olov Fernquist, SSAB

Olov Fernquist, SSAB

SSAB: “Incredibly competent researchers at the University of Gävle”

“Here at SSAB, we will now gain an opportunity to map and verify our products. Otherwise, it is almost impossible for us to carry our actual measurements,” says Olov Fernquist, project manager for the cooling project at SSAB.

SSAB have participated in the process of designing the test rig, and they now plan to run a series of test to simulate what they have today as well as future developments.

“To SSAB, it is vital to be at the forefront and to have the opportunity to develop materials that the market demands. In our collaboration with the University of Gävle, we have been listened to, and their researchers are highly skilled and complement our internal research resources to create applicable result in equipment as a well as in process control,” Olov Fernquist concludes.



Bahram Moshfegh, professor in energy systems and project manager at the University of Gävle
Phone: 070-846 46 47
Email: bahram.moshfegh@hig.se

Stina Lilja, communication strategist at the University of Gävle.
Phone: 073-915 05 50
Email: stina.lilja@hig.se

Text: Douglas Öhrbom
Photo riggen: Marie Hägg
Photo Bahram Mosfegh: Teiksma Buseva
Photo: Olov Fernquist: Hasse Eriksson

Published by: Douglas Öhrbom Page responsible: Anders Munck Updated: 2019-04-04
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