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Michael Asonganyi University of Gävle’s Global Swede


University of Gävle’s Global Swede 2019 is Michael Asonganyi, student at the study programme “Bachelor of Science in Social Work - Specialization International Social Work.”

Michael Asonganyi received the Global Swede Award from Minister for Foreign Trade Ann Linde at a ceremony on May 21 at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in Stockholm.

“This recognition gives me a new platform from which to work for good relations between Sweden and Cameroon and greater opportunities to draw attention to social issues affecting our society. I would like thank all lecturers who nominated me and believed in me, and I would like to thank my wife,” Michael Asonganyi says.

Michael Asonganyi is a Norwegian citizen, born in Cameroon, who now studies his final year at the programme “Bachelor of Science in Social Work - Specialization International Social Work” at the University of Gävle. In addition, he runs the film production company Fokus81 with the aim to raise awareness about the effects of social exclusion and, in this way, bring about change.

The short film "Konte" was awarded the prize “Best short film 2018” in the Zulu African Film Academy Awards, Zafaa Global Awards in London.

Global Swede Award

The Global Swede diploma is awarded students who have distinguished themselves within innovation and entrepreneurship in their academic disciplines and who are considered to be good ambassadors for Sweden as well as for their own country.

“The Global Swede Award is a way of recognising our most innovative international students, who play an important role in our international relations strategy”, says Ann Linde, Sweden's Minister for Foreign Trade.

Ambassador for Sweden

As a Global Swede, Michael Asonganyi will be a representative for Sweden and act as an ambassador for Sweden and higher education.

The goal for the Global Swede Award is that the students in the future will become good ambassadors for Sweden and be valuable contacts who can benefit Swedish trade and international cooperation.

For more information, please contact:
Michael Asonganyi, director and student, the study programme Social Work - Specialization International Social Work, University of Gävle
Phone: +47 473 28 463 (Norwegian number)
E-mail: michaelasong@yahoo.com

Text: Douglas Öhrbom
Photo: Marie Hägg

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