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Graduation for first year group of Public Health Strategists for Sustainable Development


With a combination of expertise in public health, biology and sustainable development, the students who study to become public health strategists at the University of Gävle will be unique on the labour market.

Jenny Ahlstedt, Lovisa Svedin och Jonathan Kumi. Studenter som läst Folkhälsostrateg för hållbar utveckling.

Jonathan Kumi, Jenny Ahlstedt and Lovisa Svedin.

Three years ago, the University started up the study programme “Public Health Strategist for Sustainable Development.” The aim was to meet the growing need for knowledge about public health issues linked to social, ecological and economic sustainability. Soon, 24 students will graduate, the first year group to complete the programme.

"I think the combination of public health and biology is really good. A key issue is to plan and be one step ahead,” says Lovisa Svedin.

Most of the study programme consists of courses in public health science but it also includes biology.

“We are really pleased we have been able to start up this unique study programme which addresses issues that are very important for the future,” says Bodil Zacharoff, former programme director.

Text and photo: Anna Sällberg


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