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Student guides show new students the ropes


Being a new student at a university can be like stepping into another world, full of academic language, exams, course literature and lectures. Julia Forsberg and Henrik Lunderbye-Färnefors are two of the student guides at the University of Gävle who will be guiding the new students.

Julia Forsberg och Henrik Lunderbye-Färnefors.

Julia Forsberg och Henrik Lunderbye-Färnefors.

Julia Forsberg is on her third year of the Business Administration Programme. She has previously been a board member of the student association Galvecon, where she developed a desire to get even more involved with the activities at the university.

– Most students are very appreciative of the work we do, and the feeling of being needed and appreciated gives me the energy I need. The social context is also filled with learning opportunities, which has really helped me develop my natural social skills. This work also gives me an extra merit to put on my CV, which is another bonus!

Available for questions

The role of student guide means being available to answer questions from new students from Monday to Friday, from the date of the admission decision until the semester is properly under way. New students can send e-mails, text messages or call if there is anything they are unsure about.

– We get a lot of questions about housing, course literature and how courses are structured. The most important thing for me is to always be kind and polite whenever a new student has a question and to show that I really appreciate them coming to me with their concerns. I remember how confused I was at the start, and there is no way for anyone to get a handle on everything right from the beginning!

Helps with big and small

Henrik Lunderbye-Färnefors is a student on the Industrial Design Programme, currently in his second year.

– I wanted to become a student guide because I love to help people, as well as make new acquaintances. To me, the most important task is being available. It doesn’t matter if someone needs help with a printer or if they need to discuss bigger issues. It’s my job to be there, to listen and to do all I can to help.

Why are student guides necessary?

– It’s an important task and not everyone will need the student guides’ help, but when a problem arises that a student guide might be able to help with, their presence is very much appreciated. I think it’s great that we students can help each other out. I think it’s terrific that the University of Gävle has recognised this need and is devoting significant resources to ensuring that student guides are available. I like doing my part to contribute to a pleasant and vibrant university!

Text and photo: Anna Sällberg

Published by: Anna Sällberg Page responsible: Anders Munck Updated: 2019-09-02
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