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Students in focus in latest issue of LEVE!


Pedagogical support, the work of the student union, procrastination courses and student guides. These are a few of the topics discussed in the new number of the university magazine LEVE!.

Petra Jönsson, Henrik Lunderbye-Färnefors, Julia Forsberg and Hanna Vestin. Photo: Anna Sällberg

Petra Jönsson, Henrik Lunderbye-Färnefors, Julia Forsberg and Hanna Vestin. Photo: Anna Sällberg

In the first issue of the autumn, we pay particular attention to our students and their varying perspectives. We meet student Camilla Blomberg, who is able to attend the Social Work Programme, thanks to pedagogical support from the university.

– Considering all the operations I have had, how often I have had to miss classes, how tired I can get and how much pain I am in sometimes, I don’t think I could have coped with this study programme without this support. Pedagogical support enables me to do the study programme of my dreams, she says.

Need to get it down on paper

Students have many things to keep track of at the same time with deadlines, exams and lots of required reading. This is where the university course on procrastination comes in handy.

– Many students describe having too many things to keep track of. They need to get it all down on paper and write a detailed list of what they are going to do when they study, says Sofia Alfredsson, coordinator for pedagogical support and student coach.

Want to welcome all, regardless of background

This issue contains a portrait of Kajsa Svaleryd, equal opportunities coordinator at the University of Gävle.

– I think my interest in this area started early in upper secondary school, when I had teachers in both religion and psychology who were good at including this perspective and capturing your interest. I have brought it with me ever since. This issue of being included, of belonging. Not being subjected to norms that belittle, ridicule, exclude or limit people, says Kajsa Svaleryd.

Text and photo: Anna Sällberg

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