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Course helps students to address procrastination


Putting off revising for an exam until the last night or postponing an essential visit to the dentist is common human behaviour. Are you one of those people who tends to postpone things until the last minute? At the University of Gävle, students can take a course in understanding the problems linked to procrastination and learn how to handle it.

Pia Almqvist, Emanuel Klein och  Sofia Lagerberg Alfredsson. Prokrastinering.

Pia Almqvist, Sofia Lagerberg Alfredsson och Emanuel Klein.

Students have many things to keep track of at the same time as their time fills up with huge amounts of required reading, assignment deadlines and exam dates. This may have a negative effect on their spare time too as their ability to prioritise decreases at the same time as the chaos worsens.

Procrastination is when a person deliberately postpones chores and tasks that they know they should do. Emanuel Klein is one of the students who have taken the opportunity to do the course.

– I used to think that I perform best when I’m stressed because that’s when I actually do some work, but the result is not good. I know I can’t just be magically cured but now I know how to procrastinate less.

Text and photo: Anna Sällberg

Kurs i prokrastinering. Illustration av Ola Höglund.

Illustration: Ola Höglund


For more information, please contact sofia.alfredsson@hig.se or pia.lahtinen.almqvist@hig.se.

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