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Welcome to our Academic Ceremony 2020


The University of Gävle will arrange an Academic Ceremony in 2020 on 23 -24 April 2020. In this ceremony, we will confer new doctoral degrees and inaugurate new professors. All are welcome to the lectures as well as to the Academic Ceremony.

Academic Ceremony 2018

Academic Ceremony 2018

The Academic ceremony dates back from Medieval times, and together we celebrate our Academic ceremony with conferment of doctoral degrees and with inauguration of professors and more. The Academic ceremony 2020 will be the tenth Academic Ceremony the University of Gävle arranges. All are welcome and no registration is required.

“I would encourage as many as possible to participate in either parts of or in the whole event, and I would especially recommend the brief and inspiring lectures by the new professors on Thursday 23 April in Stora Jadwigasalen,” says Johanna Esplund, project manager.

Inaugural lectures by professors

Thursday 23 April 9 am – 1 pm, Stora Jadwigasalen 13:111

What are the new newly appointed professors research interests? In these brief lectures, you can hear them talk about their research.

Academic Ceremony 24 April 2020

Friday 24 April 4 pm – 6 pm in Valhall.

During the ceremony, the University will confer honorary doctorates, new doctoral degrees and inaugurate new professors.

The programme will be presented in March 2020.


For more information, contact:
Johanna Esplund, communicator and project manager
Phone: 070-090 27 83
E-mail: Johanna.Esplund@hig.se


Text: Douglas Öhrbom

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