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Urban Studio’s message to the UN: “We need to protect our cities”


“We are heading in the wrong direction and need to make our cities resilient to the natural disasters that climate change will generate. It is our reponsibility to protect the people who live in cities,” says Stephan Barthel, director of the Urban Studio at the University of Gävle.

In anticipation of the ongoing United Nations Climate Change Conference in Madrid a parallel conference is held in Stockholm. The organizer Stephan Barthel is the director of the Urban Studio which is a research environment for the study of urban sustainability at the University of Gävle.

Stephan Barthel points to a recent energy report that shows an increase in Global fossil fuel consumption and states that the message to Madrid that we need to protect our cities is urgent. This claim is based on insights from research into urban development in the Nordic countries in relation to climate objectives.

“If we are heading in this direction, researchers need to face the truth which is that we may not be able to solve this situation. It is time to start building resilience to this type of natural disasters that we can expect climate change to bring,” says Stephan Barthel.

"The future of Nordic cities"


Stephan Barthel, reader in geospatial information science and director of the Urban Studio, University of Gävle.

Phone: 076-360 57 05

E-mail: stephan.barthel@hig.se

Urban Studio

Text: Douglas Öhrbom
Photo: G. Milo/Flickr


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