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They chase plastic to fight climate change


Reducing our use of plastics is of great significance to the climate. Along with several different actors, the University of Gävle is participating in the project Jakten på plasten (“Plastic Hunting”).

Anna Högberg, projektledare för Jakten på plasten, Lars Lindström, Jobmeal och Elin Sjöberg, Jobmeal.

Anna Högberg, University of Gävle, Lars Lindström, Jobmeal and Elin Sjöberg, Jobmeal.

– The purpose of the collaborative project is to work together to find solutions which would reduce our environmental impact through plastics, says Anna Högberg, assistant lecturer in environmental engineering and project manager for Jakten på plasten at the University of Gävle.

We meet at the café in the foyer at Gävle hospital. The café is managed by the company Jobmeal, and for personnel manager Lars Lindström, it was only natural that they do their part to contribute to Jakten på plasten.

– Our business uses quite a lot of disposable items, which means we have a responsibility. Pretty much right out of the gate, we were able to take action with no resistance from the staff, he says.


Anna Högberg


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