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“We need to cooperate with nature”


In the new issue of the magazine LEVE! we give a little extra space to questions related to nature and our environment. Reduced use of plastics, the importance of nature experiences for children and grass areas that are transformed into flower meadows are some topics that are addressed.

Matteo Giusti, forskar om barns kontakt med naturen och vilken betydelse naturupplevelser har för att barn ska värdesätta och ta hand om djur, natur och miljö.

The environmental researcher Matteo Giusti. Photo: Britt Mattsson

In the portrait you will meet the environmental researcher Matteo Giusti. In his studies he focuses on children's relationship with nature.

– Preschools and schools are already using my research for inspiration for nature experiences where the children are accompanied by an adult who can teach them about the animals and plants of the forest, he says.

Reduce our plastic use

Something that is constantly relevant nowadays is our plastic use and that we should choose alternative materials to reduce our negative impact on nature.

– The purpose of the collaborative project “Jakten på plasten” is to work together to find solutions which would reduce our environmental impact through plastics, says Anna Högberg, assistant lecturer in environmental engineering and project manager for Jakten på plasten at the University of Gävle.

Meadow hay turns into flower meadows

On Ulvsätersvägen in Sätra, Gävle Municipality, there are several residential buildings with rental apartments. On a plot of land the lawn has been peeled off to make way for a future meadow.

– Now we’ve spread meadow hay here. The idea is to create more biodiversity and sow seeds from traditional cultivated fields in nearby areas. In the long-term, this will become flowery meadows which is not only beneficial to pollinators, but also creates more attractive environments for the residents, says Marita Wallhagen, architect, researcher and project manager of Augmented Urbans at the University of Gävle.

Text: Anna Sällberg

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