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Tibetan master inspires research on women’s opportunities in the 1500s


The female Tibetan master Kuntu Sangmo wrote Buddhist religious songs in the 1500s. Through a unique project, religious scholar Stefan Larsson will now study her life and poetry, which he believes to still be relevant in our times.

Stefan Larsson HIGAktuell med sin bok om Den Galne Yogin

Stefan Larsson.

Stefan Larsson has been granted SEK 2.8 million in research funds from Riksbankens Jubileumsfond. The research will be conducted over three years.

– I am of course very happy and encouraged by this. Kuntu Sangmo’s poetry is part of an extensive hand-written biography which was recently discovered in Tibet. As there are only a few texts which highlight the religiosity of women in Tibetan Buddhism, this text is very unique, he says.

Text: Anna Sällberg

Foto: Britt Mattsson


Stefan Larsson

Telephone: 026-64 85 52

E-mail: stefan.larsson@hig.se

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