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“We can prevent crime through design”


In the new issue of the University's magazine LEVE! you will meet Asifa Iqbal, who is researching how we can create "safe places" in a built environment. You also get an insight into the everyday life of the University's clinical lecturers and in addition you can read the first part of a new series of articles.

Asifa Iqbal, undervisar samhällsplanerare. Forskar om säkra platser i byggd miljö.

Asifa Iqbal. Photo: Britt Mattsson

Asifa Iqbal is originally an architect, which was also her profession in Pakistan until she departed ten years ago to attend a master’s programme. She chose Sweden. She began her research and received her doctoral degree from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm before moving to Gävle.

– I have researched how parks and green spaces affect people’s behaviour and how this in turn affects house prices in the area. What kind of emotions do you feel when visiting a certain environment? This gives us insight into how we create open spaces that are safe and inclusive to all who visit them. By designing the built environment in a specific way, we can prevent crime through design.

Clinical lecturers

In the magazine, you can also read about the University’s clinical lecturers, who work in part with teaching and supervision of university students, and in part with collaboration with actors within the healthcare sector outside the University.

– It is primarily about creating collaboration between the operations and establishing good contacts and cooperation between them in order to facilitate and create the best learning environment for our students, says Elisabeth Persson, clinical lecturer affiliated with Region Gävleborg.

Meet a nursing student

In a new series of articles, you will meet Marie Kihlström, a nursing student at the University of Gävle.

– I have always been interested in first aid and healthcare. But I have always had such an intense needle phobia and couldn’t even be near needles. So I underwent CBT therapy and now I can handle inserting a needle into someone or someone inserting a needle into me, she says.

Text: Anna Sällberg

The magazine LEVE! is distributed externally to over 2,000 subscribers at other universities, companies, organizations, within the public sector and to individuals. The magazine is also distributed internally to employees and students.

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