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People with a mental disability often find it more difficult to find a job and are often subjected to discrimination


The labour market is tough for people with different forms of disabilities, and especially for women with mental health problems. They often feel discriminated against. This was revealed through a study conducted within the field of disability studies by Tomas Boman at the University of Gävle.

Tomas Boman. Socialt arbete.

Tomas Boman.

He has studied the situation of people with disabilities on the Swedish labour market, focusing on their chances of finding employment and the need for support and adaptation of the workplace.

– People with mental disabilities, such as ADHD and autism, face the greatest labour market barriers. It is more difficult for them to find employment, and they are subjected to more discrimination compared to other groups, says Tomas Boman.

Text and photo: Anna Sällberg

The dissertation: The situation on the Swedish labour market for persons with disabilities.


Tomas Boman

Telephone: 026-64 82 19

E-mail: tomas.boman@hig.se

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