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Corona, climate and flexible work in the new issue of LEVE!


The new issue of the University's magazine LEVE! has several articles linking to the new corona virus and how it has affected our students and our staff. Flexible work, spiritual and existential health and climate change are some topics that you can immerse yourself in.

Bild på nya tidningen.

På omslaget: Nils Ryrholm och Lisa Johansson Röjsel. Foto: Britt Mattsson

Meet the University priest Leif Nahnfeldt who takes a genuine interest in the encounter with individuals and how he can contribute thoughts about existential and spiritual health.

– For me, the most important thing in a situation like this is to show that I’m available as a resource for students and staff at the University to talk to. What’s making me think is how we can better equip people to deal with stressful crises on both existential and spiritual levels, he says.

Flexible work

In times when many people work from home, it may be important to draw the line between work and private life, says Sofie Bjärntoft, PhD student in occupational health sciences at the University.

– My research is about how to achieve a balance if you work flexibly. It deals with, for example, digital information, how to set boundaries between work and private life, how to work in a group and create a sustainable culture. There’s a lot of focus on when you should be available and how we contact each other, she says.

Cimate change brings new pathogens

According to Nils Ryrholm, biologist and professor of zoology, there are a lot of downsides with the changing climate on our latitudes.

– There are new insects and new pathogens. Sure it can be fun with new butterflies for example but it is less fun with new diseases. We can’t really predict the consequences that this will have, he says.

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