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Research partnership with Berendsen contributes to integration and better occupational health


More varied duties, clear instructions, division into teams and also language lessons during working hours. A unique partnership between the Berendsen laundry in Ockelbo and the University of Gävle will now contribute to greater social justice, better integration and fewer musculoskeletal disorders within the company.

Jennie Jackson och Svend Erik Mathiassen.

Jennie Jackson och Svend Erik Mathiassen. Photo: Anna Sällberg

Employees at the company were issued with questionnaires about their physical and psychosocial health, and researchers measured their workload. Job rotation is now being introduced to provide greater variety in their duties.

– This is a really unique study, because I’ll be monitoring the physical element of job rotation, combined with the psychosocial elements. We hope that the changes there will result in improved team spirit and more equality between women, men and new arrivals, she says.

Text: Anna Sällberg


Jennie Jackson

Telephone: 026-64 82 93

E-mail: jennie.jackson@hig.se

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