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Autumn semester: Return to campus but with exceptions


The University of Gävle plans to return to campus-based teaching in the autumn semester with certain exceptions. This means that in the autumn semester, the University will conduct teaching on campus as well as online.

To reduce the spread of the virus, certain course components may be taught remotely. This means that in distance education programmes with campus-based course components, course components that would normally have been taught on campus may now be taught remotely.

Programme directors together with the teaching staff will make detailed plans for all programmes and courses. In addition, central coordination will ensure that campus-based modules will not lead to crowded spaces on campus on any single occasion.

The background for these new guidelines is the Government’s decision on 29 May that all higher education institutions can return to campus-based teaching in the autumn semester this year.

If conditions change, restrictions issued by the Government and the Public Health Agency of Sweden may change too. In such a case, the University management may need to adapt to this new situation and revise its guidelines.

More questions

For students, more information can be found on hig.se/student

Students can also turn to studentcentrum@hig.se or pose questions in the chat at hig.se

Published by: Veronica Liljeroth Page responsible: Anders Munck Updated: 2020-06-05
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