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”Our electricity provides the highest environmental benefit when it replaces brown coal in Europe”


“Instead of investing in electric cars, we should target energy efficiency improvements, and the surplus electricity we would generate then provides the highest environmental benefit if it used in other countries,” says Björn Karlsson, professor in energy technology at the University of Gävle

In an op-ed in Dagens Nyheter, Björn Karlsson and four other debaters give their reasons why Swedish energy and climate policies should focus more on helping other European countries, so that we can make a joint effort to meet the Paris Agreement’s objectives.

More efficient electricity use in Sweden would make it possible for us to export electricity to other countries in which brown coal and fossil fuel usages dominate, for example countries like Germany and Poland.

Björn Karlsson

Björn Karlsson

“Sweden has unique opportunities to produce renewable electricity because our country is large but with few inhabitants. This means that there is room for hydropower, wind power and large forests. These large resources should be used to minimize use of fossil fuels within the EU in its entirety and not just within Sweden. The most efficient method to reduce carbon emissions in the EU is to replace coal power with renewable energy sources when generating electricity,” Björn Karlsson concludes.



Björn Karlsson, professor in energy technology at the University of Gävle
Phone: 070-371 30 10
E-mail: bjorn.o.karlsson@hig.se


Text: Douglas Öhrbom
Photo: Privat

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