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The autumn semester: a mix between campus-based and remote teaching


Last-minute preparations for the start of the new autumn semester are now carried out. The new semester means a return to campus-based teaching, but even in campus-based courses and programmes certain course components may be taught remotely.

All students admitted to a campus-based course or programmes should make plans for attending teaching on campus in Gävle, and first-year students are prioritised in this respect. Taking the ongoing pandemic into consideration is paramount for all teaching and examination. This means that certain course components that involve, for example, large student groups, need to be taught remotely to limit the spread of the virus.

Course coordinators and programme directors are making plans to adapt all teaching and examination to make them “corona-safe.” Students and staff are encouraged to keep their distance and follow all recommendations issued by the Public Health Agency of Sweden.

“I am pleased that we can return to campus-based teaching, at least partly,” says Ylva Fältholm, vice-chancellor at the University of Gävle. “Planning for a return to campus-based teaching at the start of this semester has involved a lot of work. There is still an ongoing pandemic and we are doing everything in our power to make sure that the spread of the virus doesn’t increase.”

Ylva Fältholm

Ylva Fältholm, vice-chancellor

Decision in June to return to campus-based teaching

The vice-chancellor decided on 5 June that the University’s courses in the autumn would be carried out in their intended teaching format, which means that campus-based courses and programmes will be taught on campus. The background for this decision was the Government decision from 29 May stating that all Swedish higher education institutions should return to campus-based teaching in the autumn.

The vice-chancellor’s decision also means that when course syllabuses allow it, course coordinators may find online solutions preferable to campus-based teaching for certain course components to limit the spread of the virus.

“We have great confidence in our course coordinators. They are very close to our teaching activities and can make plans for how our teaching should be carried out,” says Ylva Fältholm.

The introduction day for new students on 26 August will be online this year. The live-streamed introduction programme will later be made available on the University website.

University staff will work from home, if possible

The Public Health Agency of Sweden recommend that we keep working from home, if possible.

More campus-based teaching means that more staff need to be on campus, both teaching staff and administrative staff. To make it possible for them to be on site and for them to keep their distance, it is therefore appropriate for others to work from home. We are making plans for a reasonable balance between working on campus and working from home,” says University Director Micael Melander.

Micael Melander

Micael Melander, University Director.

The University returns to a normal service level

The University will maintain a normal activity and service level as from the start of the new autumn semester. This means that the reception and student services, the Library and IT support will be staffed in a normal way. Staffed contact points will be equipped in ways to minimize the risk of spreading the virus, for instance with screens and floor markings. Face masks and hand sanitizers will be offered to all employees, and hand sanitizers for visitors will be readily accessible at contact points. The cleaning of campus has been reviewed.

Right now, we are attempting to estimate student numbers at the start of the semester to avoid large crowds of students and staff in corridors and lecture halls.

More information for students at www.hig.se/current-students

Published by: Anna Sällberg Page responsible: Anders Munck Updated: 2020-09-01
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