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Researchers in joint effort: “We need to make our cities sustainable”


On 3 November, the research school “Future-Proof Cities” will be inaugurated at the University of Gävle. This is a unique venture in which researchers in collaboration with business and industry, as well as urban planners, directly implement solutions for a sustainable urban development.

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In 2050, almost 70 percent of the world’s population is expected to live in cities, and such strong urbanisation creates possibilities but also carries risk as social inequality may increase, and the ecosystem may be threatened. This situation poses new demands on urban development: cities must be built in ecologically, economically and socially sustainable ways.

The research school “Future-Proof Cities” is a unique venture in which three higher education institutions pool their professional knowledge and in collaboration with business and industry and urban planners directly implement solutions that will help our cities develop into climate-resilient, living, healthy and safe places.

“The research school is a brilliant example of how research in collaboration with external parties can contribute to finding solutions to the challenges we are facing. Three higher education institutions together strive to be at the absolute forefront in urban development,” says Patrik Thollander, director for “Future-Proof Cities.”

The research school “Future-Proof Cities”

“Future-Proof Cities” is a joint venture in research on sustainable urban development, in which there is close collaboration with business and industry, Dalarna University and Mälardalen University.

Twelve doctoral student projects will strengthen sustainable urban development in the municipalities in these regions. The centre for this collaboration will be the doctoral students who are to be employed within business and industry, while all research supervisors will be provided by the higher education institutions. A mentor from each business will be connected to school.

Stephan Barthel in a short film about “Future-Proof Cities”


Patrik Thollander, professor in energy system and director for Future-Proof Cities
Phone: 070- 388 15 79
E-mail: patrik.thollander@hig.se

Stephan Barthel, reader in geospatial information science and director of the Urban Studio, University of Gävle.
Phone: 076-360 57 05
E-mail: stephan.barthel@hig.se


Text: Douglas Öhrbom

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