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New cooling method radically reduces environmental impact of the steel industry


“In our unique test rigs, we have developed cooling methods for steel that save energy, reduce water usage up to 50 percent, reduce use of natural resources and increase the product’s lifespan,” says Mohammad Jahedi, researcher at University of Gävle.

Stålverk SSAB Luleå

The steel industry belongs to those industries that have the largest negative environmental impact; it consumes huge amounts of energy and water. Mohammad Jahedi explains that researchers at the University can help the industry to reduce such environmental impact.

Mohammad Jahedi

Mohammad Jahedi

“Apart from helping Swedish steel industry to become more sustainable, our knowledge and our test rigs can also contribute to the development of new products, which is crucial on an international, very competitive market,” Mohammad Jahedi explains.

Test rig unique in the world

According to Mohammed Jahedi, no other test rig can compete with the one located at University of Gävle. During the years the researchers have been working, the Swedish steel industry has shown great interest.

“Our collaborations on both test rigs are very strong. SSAB, Sandvik, Ovako, Outokumpu and Uddeholm are a few of the companies that use our test rig,” Jahedi says.

The properties of steel form during the cooling process

The new quenching techniques with jet streams allow highly controlled experiments in which researchers can test special steel with the use of an exact cooling curve. The rigs can also be optimized for each companies’ needs.

“The properties of the steel form during the cooling process, and my doctoral dissertation focuses primarily on this process as there were no studies on water impinging jet quenching systems for metals.

“We have visited most Swedish steel industries and we discovered a knowledge gap regarding quenching techniques. This new knowledge can be applied directly in their production lines,” Mohammad Jahedi says.

Scientific diessertation

Voices from the industry at the inauguration of the test rigs in 2019


Mohammad Jahedi, researcher in energy systems at University of Gävle
Phone: 073- 985 34 72
E-mail: mohammad.jahedi@hig.se

Text: Douglas Öhrbom
Photo Steelwork: SSAB
Photo Mohammad Jahedi: Private

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