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40 million SEK to fair environmental research in collaboration with trade unions and business


“It is absolutely crucial that the measures used to make the transition are socially accepted and perceived as fair,” says Stephan Barthel, professor of sustainability science at University of Gävle and one of the research programme leaders.

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Mistra and Formas allocate SEK 40 million to research to involve civil society in speeding up a fair adaption to climate change. Stephan Barthel at University of Gävle will be one of two research programme leaders.

Together with academia, civil society and other actors, the programme will develop a carbon budget, compatible with the Paris Agreement, which is to be perceived as fair, justified and effective.

Socially accepted climate measures

To enable a faster transition, the research programme will, in dialogue with actors from all sides, translate scientific knowledge into action. Political and economic frameworks must be designed in collaboration with business, trade unions, and other popular movements, and a significant part of the programme is about developing climate measures that are socially accepted.

“The hub of our program is that research meets the outside world, so that we can turn conflicts into synergies together. This is our way to contribute to a viable planet and to a fair future,” says Stephan Barthel at University of Gävle.

The research programme “Societal transformation with a focus on climate” shows a strong ability to advance the crucial transition to a fair fossil-free future. The consortium is very competent and includes a strong commitment from various civil society organizations, according to Mistra.

The FAIRTRANS programme “Societal transformation with a focus on climate” is awarded a total of SEK 40 million over four years; Mistra and Formas invest SEK 20 million each.

Stockholm University will host the program and it will be carried out in an interdisciplinary consortium together with University of Gävle, KTH, Uppsala University, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, Lund University and the think tank Global Utmaning.

Dialogue and collaboration will take place with the central trade unions LO, TCO and Saco and with their respective unions, Fossil-free Sweden, Naturskyddsföreningen, KF (Kooperativa förbundet), Hyresgästföreningen, AI Sweden, Företagarna, Svenskt Näringsliv and SISD (Swedish Investors for Sustainable Development). Other actors also participate in the programme.


Stephan Barthel, professor in sustainability science and research director for urban sustainability at University of Gävle
Phone: 076-360 57 05
E-mail: stephan.barthel@hig.se

Text: Douglas Öhrbom

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