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University of Gävle accounts for by far the largest increase in the number of master’s students


University of Gävle accounts for by far the largest increase among Swedish higher education institutions in the number of admissions to this autumn's master's programmes, from 219 last autumn to 403, an increase of 84 percent.

Högskolan i Gävle

A total of 28,600 master's students are admitted to Sweden’s 28 higher education institutions in the autumn. This is an average increase of four percent and here University of Gävle really stands out.

What is a master's programme?

A master's programme is a programme at the advanced level and it is preceded by three years of studies at the first-cycle level. The master's level provides a good opportunity for in-depth studies and specialization in the field and the extended degree project also offers a greater opportunity to link the degree project to research projects at the university.

Master's programmes are often international, which means that lectures and all required reading are in English.

Internationally, studies at master's level are regarded as post-graduate studies, that is as part of a third-cycle programme, while master's studies in Sweden have traditionally been regarded as part of first-cycle courses and study programmes.

Programmes at the second-cycle level at University of Gävle


Text: Douglas Öhrbom

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