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Plan for working and teaching on campus later in the autumn


The Vice-Chancellor has decided on a return to campus-based teaching when study period two from begins on 7 November. A gradual return to work on campus for staff will begin on October 1, provided that authorities do not announce new recommendations.

First-year degree programme students, examinations and compulsory activities must be prioritized when planning for teaching on campus. The decision is valid until January 17, 2022, when the spring semester starts.

“We have made our decision by using a weight-of -evidence approach to the pandemic situation in the region, for instance by contacting the infection control unit in the region. Based on what we know today, campus-based study programmes and courses can now start preparing for a return to campus,” says Vice-Chancellor Ylva Fältholm. “I am pleased to be able to announce this decision that I think is long awaited by teachers and students.”

Gradual return to campus in October for staff

The Public Health Agency of Sweden’s recommendation to work from home will be lifted at the turn of the month September / October and therefore the University will now begin a gradual return to working on campus for staff.

“There have been different dates when it comes to the recommendations regarding working from home,” says Maria Strand, head of the Division of Educational Support and chair of the University's coordination committee for pandemic issues. “The government has set the date 15 September for government employees and The Public Health Agency of Sweden has recommended that we all work from home until the end of September. As no new dates for an extension have been announced, we are now starting to plan for staff to be able to start working on campus in October, so long as no new directives are announced, of course.”

Large groups of students should be taught online

Any teaching activities that cannot be carried out safely on campus must be carried out online. For example, large groups of students in a course should not meet on campus.

Written examinations can be carried out on campus, but with special precautions. This means, for example, fewer students per room during examinations.

Internal conferences for staff, for student associations and the student union can be held when study period 2 has started. However, conferences or events with external parties, such as labor market days, will not be held on campus. No rental of campus premises may take place during the remainder of this year, with the exception for vaccination carried out by Region Gävleborg.

Service functions will reopen on campus

The Reception, the Student Centre, IT support and the library will extend on-site service hours from the beginning of October. However, the University's entrances will continue to be open only to staff and students with a valid HiG card to limit the number of people on campus.

As new restrictions may be announced suddenly by the government, the Public Health Agency of Sweden and the Gävleborg Region's county medical officer, the University may need to revise its policies.

Please protect yourself and others

General recommendations to reduce the spread of infection still apply:

Protect yourself and others by

  • staying at home if you are unwell, even if the symptoms are only mild
  • keeping a safe distance
  • washing your hands

More information for students can be found in the article: Teaching on campus in November. Members of staff a University of Gävle can find more information on the intranet.

Text: Tommy Löfgren

Published by: Anna-Carin Skytt Page responsible: Anders Munck Updated: 2021-09-06
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