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Amir Rostami – New research leader at University of Gävle


Amir Rostami, docent in criminology, has been appointed deputy research leader at University of Gävle for the strategic research area Health-Promoting Work

Amir Rostami

Amir Rostami

Health can be defined in many ways, and health can also be negatively affected by several different factors, such as threats and violence.

The Swedish Work Environment Authority assesses that the number of companies that systematically violate work environment regulations to gain a competitive advantage is increasing and that the links to other criminal activities are also increasing in scope.

This development of society requires more research on organized crime and the way it affects working life, gender equality and democracy.

“If we can reduce risk factors for ill health, such as unlawful influence and exposure to violence and psychological stress, we can strengthen our preventive and remedial efforts for good working environments and good health.”

“I would like to contribute to strengthening research within the University's strategic research area Health-Promoting Work, by increasing knowledge about current risk factors in working life, for example how criminal environments affect working life,” Amir Rostami says.

Amir Rostami is a docent in criminology at University of Gävle and an affiliated researcher with the Institute for Future Studies.

Earlier this year, the Swedish government appointed Amir Rostami to lead the fight against organized crime that targets the Swedish welfare system.

Amir Rostami’s research focuses on criminal organization, such as organized crime and extremism.


Amir Rostami, docent in criminology at University of Gävle
Phone: 08-402 12 00
E-mail: Amir.Rostami@hig.se

Research presentation
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Text: Douglas Öhrbom
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