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The University will continue with teaching activities on campus in the spring


The Vice-Chancellor has made a formal decision which states that as of the start of the spring semester on 17 January 2022, courses, study programmes, and examinations will be carried out in the distribution format announced. This means that both campus-based and online programmes and courses will be taught in the original format presented to the students.


Programmes and courses will thus be carried out as they were planned originally. This applies to written examinations as well. When it comes to distance learning courses and programmes, teaching activities, like for example written examinations, that were planned to be conducted on campus will now be conducted on campus. Thus, we will carry on in the same manner as in study period 2 in study period 3.

“If we take current recommendations from the Public Health Agency of Sweden into account, our activities do not need to be adapted. As a result, we will strive to continue to with teaching and all our other activities on campus,” Vice-Chancellor Ylva Fältholm says.

“We know students sometimes prefer online solutions on campus-based courses and programmes as well, but we are not expected to create alternative solutions for campus-based teaching activities right now. However, we are monitoring developments closely, and should the situation change, we will of course adapt to the new situation. If the government encourages us to adapt, one such solution would be to offer lectures online instead of on campus.”

Staff are encouraged to work on campus

As a result of the Vice-Chancellor’s’ decision, staff are encouraged to primarily work on campus. As before, the line manager plans and decides in a dialogue with the members of staff in question.

The University campus will remain open with its usual opening hours. However, we will not allow external organisations to book any of our premises in study period 3 and neither will public gatherings be allowed.

No public gatherings on campus

“We will remain restrictive regarding public gatherings on campus,” says Maria Strand, chair of the University’s committee for pandemic-related measures and head of the Division of Educational Support. “We would like to focus on our core activities and continue to ensure that we maintain high quality here. Concerning COVID passes, we are a preparing ourselves for handling those as it may become necessary in the future.”

The University’s committee for pandemic-related measures follows advice and recommendations issued by the public authorities and has regular contact with the county medical officer.

Published by: Anna-Carin Skytt Page responsible: Anders Munck Updated: 2021-12-21
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